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OK so finding a good, reliable, experienced DJ can be pretty hard these days, especially when you want value for money. You want and expect the very best performance for your money... and why not! Added to this is the difficulty in finding a specialist DJ and that is where I come in.................

Caroline Stereo Mobile Disco is a retro disco based on the Nottinghamshire/Yorkshire border and offers a rare and spectacular service that will make your event one to remember!

So what exactly do I do then?  I cater for all occasions including:  Weddings, Engagements, Birthdays and Party’s, Proms, Anniversaries, Retirements, Corporate events, youth clubs and other related functions.  
What makes me different is that I play from vinyl and have a very extensive record collection that began in 1968 when I started as a DJ. My extensive music library covers music from the 60's onward and consists of all genres including modern sequence. This makes my sets ideal for a ‘retro’ evening. I can also offer a Karaoke service (by prior request and appointment)
I use a combined lighting system utilising original retro lighting effects (very rare nowadays) and will tailor effects and units to suit the venue, music theme and venue size.

Modern sets with up to date music from digital source and modern lighting are also available. Ask what's available.

I can cater for venues small to very large with a maximum attendance of say 500.
No – unlike other disco’s I will not say I can cover events of 1 or 2 thousand when I can’t. All my retro equipment is hand crafted and based on a genuine retro design for authenticity or is actually authentic gear. I don’t rent stuff just to cover events. Modern gear is of very high quality.

Here are some of the reasons that can make me your best choice

  • 100% Reliable – and HONEST. If I think I am not your best choice or the function is beyond my skills or equipment, I will say so and not just take your money. I will always offer advice for FREE without obligation and help wherever I can, that goes for help to fellow DJ’s too!
  • I have done thousands of events and venues both mobile / resident over my extensive DJ career in the last 45 years
  • When you book me, it’s ME you get, not some stand-in or contract DJ
  • Fantastic Equipment! - A superb sounding setup tailored to the size of the venue. Also the very best retro lighting technology including light boxes, light panels, projector lighting with patterns and specialist effects including ‘oil wheel’ projections.
  • Public Liability Insurance - For up to £10million (supporting certificate available).
  • All equipment P.A.T tested - For electrical safety (supporting certificate available)
  • All Equipment Carried is maintained and tested to a very high standard.
  • All digital music is original or legally transfered. ProDub Licenced (with supporting certificate available)
  • Professional Service - My aim is simple.... your complete satisfaction!
  • I respect dress codes, noise levels and any specific music selection requirements made in advance. All bookings taken will have a one to one consultation to ensure your event is correctly catered for.
  • I use a land line telephone, so you know who you are dealing with and my address is also available on this site if you need to call round in person. I never hide behind mobile phones and email only contacts.

As for music, you must realise I am playing from vinyl on true retro events, so I cannot carry over 10 thousand singles, the thousands of 12” and hundreds of LP records (I would need huge van just for these). With that in mind select music request tracks or artists will be catered for through the consultation process.

Events of a non retro type playing up to date music are well catered for and music is from digital/cd source, ProDub licenced. Any specific music selection requirements must made in advance during the consultation process.

Requests for quotes/prices: please see the pricing page for details. Please don't email or message me before reading the information on the pricing page

You can see some of the retro gear and lighting on my historical information site by visiting the pages of Karillon.com or Karillon.co.uk though this is really for the geeky dj’s and those too old to gig anymore.................a reminder of great times in the past.
This site also has some history on me from the early start up days on the about me pages, feel free to go have a look.


Latest News & Updates


Latest on services provided

The size of youth club venue that can be catered for is extended. Additions have been made to the current music database to keep it up to date. Pricing remains the same for the remainder of 2017 and any bookings taken before Jan 2018 will be at the current price.


Latest on equipment in use

The retro pack has had additional equipment added. Projector units have been added as well as a new front display panel, custom created to match the high standard professional look of the retro setup. Additional Martin lighting units have been brought into service for the modern sets.

Events Covered

Private Parties
Engagement Party
Wedding Receptions
Anniversary / Christening
School / Work / Forces Reunion
Themed Party or Genre Specific
Club / Bar
Youth Club / Centre
Promotion / Retirement