Specialist mobile disco entertainment

  Five and a half Kilowatts Full-on sound going down to just 100 watts for the smaller 'quiet' venu's.................
  Find shown below, a sample of some of the sound reinforcement equipment used. Not every bit of equipment held is shown here, but I may add further images later (in particular all the Twin Turntable Units and Twin CD player units). All images are copywrite. ..Copyright © 2018 M.Ginda
  DJX900 USB Mixer Citronic DIGI-16 mixer with FX Citronic CDMX-2 MK2  Radio Mic Radio Mic
Radio Mic
  Pro Headphone Set Pro Turntable Pro Turntable AH 500 Stereo Power Amp Citronic CDMX-2 Citronic CDMX-2 MK2
  CDM10-4 Pro Mixer Power Amps Poer Amps Warrior Mixer Citronic MP-X10 Control Mixer CDM2-2 Mixer
  CDM10:4 Pro Mixer
DJX700 Mixer
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