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  lighting units
  OK So below is a sample of some of the lighting equipment. The light boxes above are still in use but not shown below and same goes for the Tutor II projectors and the some 40 Pinspots. There are multiples of some items, not all individual items are shown. I will add all these and the other items not photographed yet (yes more!) at a later date. All images Copyright © 2018 M.Ginda.
  Pulsar Lighting Desk 4 ch Controller Martin Martin Pulsar Zero3000 II
  Pulsar Zero 4000 4 Col Laser 4x4W Pluto 500 Pluto 500 Rapptor 1
  Raptor 2 Raptor 3 Pulsar Modulator 4ch controllers 35mm Slide 300mm lens
  35mm slide 300mm lens 35mm slide 80mm lens 32mm slide 80mm lens Acme Magic DMX light 4ch auto light 1
  4ch auto light Strobe HiPower Opti 100b Opti 250 projectors
  Tbar Lights Tbar Wiring 400W Blacklight 1 400W Blacklight 2 Raptor 4
Martin Scanner 1of6
Martin Scanner 2of6
Martin Scanner 3of6
Martin Scanner 4of6
DJ soundLight 3ch
  4chan Auto Light 3waiting new bulb
3chan PAR38 light boxes
L Display Box Kodak Ekta Project XTC Scanner 1of2
Martin light 8 total
Fogger Pulsar 10W Chaser Pulsar Soundlite
Pulsar SC3000 controller
Blacklight arc control + lamp 150w
Martin 2308 controller Pulsar 3600 FAL Rhythmlight
  Pulsar 4001 Martin 2504 Controller Martrin 2510 Controller Ryger SP120 12chan switch 2of Pulsar 6x10A Dimmer Packs
  Pulsar 6x5A Dimmer Pack        
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